Kaala - Timebound

A dance production on Time. It travels through different phases. From the latent aspect of the unmanifested Time (‘hrdya ) to the first pulsation (spandan) or primary element to organic life ( Time as creator).For man to comprehend the movements of Time a language of geometry emerges: linear lines, concentric circles, cones, squares and triangles(Time as movement).

Profane Time is conceived as an arrow which travels through past, present and future, the founder of history whereas. Sacred Time travels in a circular path, the path of myths and of the eternal return.

Time devours what he himself has created in an eternal cycle of creation and destruction (Kaala-chakra).The aspiration of Man is to reach a state of transience, to reach a state of timelessness, to live in a perennial Now. The image of the swan who finds its eternal home in the celestial lake, tempted no more to fly off elsewhere.

Concept and choreography: Ileana Citaristi
Music: Annada Prasanna Patnaik
Text: Devdas Chhotray
Rhythm: Sachidananda Das
Dancers: Sagarika Mohanty, Geethanjali Mohapatra, Sunita Maharana , Pallavi Beriha, Anindita Parida, Upasana Mohanty, Mousumi Mohapatra, Saswat Joshi, Rashmi Rekha Das
Date of composition: 2012