“The book is of great value to people who have a passion and will not make compromises, no matter how hard the going is. The language is lucid and simple and engrossing.”

Tapati Chowdurie, The Statesman, Kolkata, 12 May, 2015

“Spread over 15 chapters titled The Beginning, Theatre Days, By Road to India, The Kerala Experience, Towards East Coast, The Second Beginning, With the Master to her dance institute the Art Vision and Choreographic halves, as a co-traveller. Right from her childhood days in the classical ballet school at Bergamo to the IX Symphony ballet with choreography by Maurice Bejart, as a premonition of what was to come; to her theatre days with best of directors from the third theatre of Jerzy Grotowski to the oriental Kathakali dance theatre of Krishna Namboodiri, her romantic relationships, to her sensational hitch hiking to India journeying through Dharmshala, Agra, Khajuraho, Varanasi…to reaching Cuttack on the east coast of India and becoming the devoted disciple of Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra …there are many vivid descriptions that underline her sensitive power of expression.”

Manjari Sinha, The Statesman, New Delhi, 16 Jul, 2015

“It is the mindset inherited from her birth that has unconsciously shaped the overriding nature of this book- namely its total openness and bare-all frankness of the autobiography, wherein the author shows herself warts and for you to judge... this book reveals the character of a woman who was never satisfied with existing in the comfort zones of life, confined to the much travelled valleys of routine’.

Leela Venkataraman, Sruti. Chennai, July 2015 

“This memoir is of obvious interest to students of Indian classical dance and readers who enjoy reading about cross-cultural experiences and travelogues related to India. It is also an important chronicle of the author’s experiences learning under one of India’s most renowned dance gurus.”

Isabel Putinja, Pulse, London, September 2015

”Acclaimed Odissi dancer Ileana Citaristi’s third book My Journey: A Tale of Two Births is a gripping piece of literary work where she elaborates her mountain stream like journey to success. Though termed an autobiography, her lucid style and recounting of her life has a fictional hue that interests and tends to push the reader to complete the book at one go. The writing is an honest account and candid outpour of emotions and feelings with a cluster of images that reveal the strength of character of the dancer-writer.”

Nita Vidyarthi, Narthaki, December 2015