The Making of a Guru

About the book

The life story of Kelucharan Mohapatra , one of the main architects of the revival of Odissi dance, is intimately interwoven with important events of the cultural life of Orissa for the last sixty years. It is also  the story of the development and recognition of the dance itself.

 From the early years of apprenticeship and struggle to the Padma Bibhushana award which he received in the year 2000, Kelucharan’s artistic journey was one of continuous dedication and search for excellence. For him dance was ‘sadhana’, teaching his ‘dharma’. From his gurus he imbibed the essence, the passion and poetry of Odissi and these secrets he shared with his students. A great dancer, a brilliant choreographer, a patient teacher and above all, a fine person, Kelucharan’s wisdom and undemanding simplicity gave him a unique vision and childlike purity. ‘The making of a guru’  attempts to recreate the story of Kelucharan’s life and achievements and to capture the flavour of the times which saw his genius blossom and his talent  radiate, capturing the hearts of hundreds who came under his spell.