Images of Change

The item is inspired by the ancient system of Chinese philosophy which interprets the entire universe as an unending interplay between the two basic opposite forces of yin and yang, feminine and masculine. Their symbol, two fishes locked in a circle, represents the complementary characteristic of all polarities. Graphically rendered as two moving lines, the first divided and the second undivided, the two basic concepts of K'un, the receptive and Ch'ien, the creative, represent with their alternate movement, all the possible variants in existence.

The development of the item is as follows:

I segment: the two opposites are not yet separated, they play together as one.

II segment: the great beginning begets the two fundamental forces, the creative, masculine, and the receptive, feminine.

III segment: after separation, the opposites complementing each other

IV segment: transformations in space and time

V segment: dream sequence, relativity between dream and reality

VI segment: circumbalation of light, return to wholeness.


Concept and choreography -Ileana Citaristi
Music - Jyotishka Dasgupta
Dancers - Ileana Citaristi
                  Nitin Sharma
Duration - 23 min.

Some press comments

"It was her third piece 'Images of change' which provided a memorable dance experience. Imaginatively choreographed for two dancers, male and female, it explored the Chinese philosophical concept of Kun and Chien, the receptive and creative forces of the universe...It was in this item that Ileana used the full expressive power of Chhau with its varied gaits and stances, body jerks, footwork and energetic circular leg movements and kicks."
Bombay, The Sunday Times,  March 26, 2000

"But it was the final number, 'Images of change' danced with Kathak dancer Nitin Sharma, in which she broke new ground. .. Ileana and Sharma created a beautiful pattering at different levels, lying in the inner-locked fish shapes of Yin and Yang, dancing with spins and spirals, fusing into a lovely duet and ending in the inter-locked lying down position."

New Delhi, The Hindustan Times, October 2, 2000