Ganga Yamuna

The confluence of turbulent Jamuna and luminous Ganga is described by poet Kalidasa in the XIII canto of his poem 'Raghuvamsa' as if two different strings of blue sapphires and white pearls are strung together; or like a garland of white lotuses which has blue lilies interspersed in between. The blue and white waters of the two rivers are described as formations of white and black swans directing themselves towards manosaravara lake or as designs of black and white sandal paste painted on earth.At times it appears as if in the Autumn sky among groups of white clouds patches of blue sky are visible. The currents of Ganga separated by the influx of the waves of Jamuna, are like the ashes-besmeared body of Shiva on which black and dangerous cobra are playing.

Date of composition- 2005
Choreography - Dr. Ileana Citaristi
Music - Sri Gopal Panda, Guru Banamali Maharana