SARAHA, is inspired by the tale of Saraha, the founder of the Tantric discipline in the Tibetan region. Saraha means ‘one whose arrow is shot’. Saraha is in search of a master; he symbolises the man who has lost the contact with the natural part of himself. ‘ The learned has to go to the vital. The plastic has to go to the real’ as Osho says. Saraha finds the real master not in the learned or in the ascetic but in a low cast woman who is totally absorbed in cutting an arrow-shaft in a market place.. The arrow ready, the woman, closing one eye and opening the other, assumes the posture of aiming at an invisible target. There is no target, still she is wholly absorbed in aiming the arrow. The aiming itself is the target. The non dual is the aim Realizing this, seeing into the woman’s action, Saraha totally surrenders to her. They celebrate their union, dancing together in a cremation ground. Where death is, they celebrate life. This is the beauty of Tantra- it joins together the opposites, the contradictories.


Date of composition- 2006
Choreography - Dr. Ileana Citaristi
Music - Sri Anwar Khurshid