Surya Devata

In this item the Sun is depicted in its different positions such as the raising sun, the sun at its zenith, the setting sun and the nocturnal sun.
- Surya, the raising sun- worshipers perform Surya Nomaskar near the weaves of the ocean from where the sun is raising in its chariot 
- Mrityu, the sun at its zenith- the rays of the sun (described as golden birds) become more and more powerful. The unbearable heat dries up all vegetation.
- Savitry, the setting sun- the curative and spiritual aspect of the sun, which heals and restores to life
- Varuna, the nocturnal sun- surrounded by the eight planets the sun is at the centre of the zodiacal circle. It is seen re-emerging gloriously in the morning in his chariot drawn by four horses, flank by Skanda and Agni on his sides, holding a lotus in his right hand and the reins in his left. 


Concept & Choreography - Dr.Ileana Citaristi
Music composition - Sri Radhakrishna Bhanja
Ramakanta Sen, Pagulu Jena, Guruva Baitha, Foren Dhada, Deva Dhada, Ranjan Baitha, Sanjeet Ghodei, Santanu Nayak, Dilip Nayak
Dhol: Loknath Dhada, Chhabis Dhada, Naba Ghadei
Mohuri: Ramchandra Ghadei, Kishor Ghadei, Gambhir Dhada
Kadka: Ratan Ghadei
Dhumsa: Bideshi Baitha
Duration - 25 min
Year of production - 2001

Some press comments:

'The five day Konarka festival concluded on December 5 with an interesting and innovative performance by the Baripada Chhau Pratisthan. Choreographed by Dr. Ileana Citaristi, the dance titled Surya Devata was a depiction of the various phases of the Sun. The item was especially choreographed for the Festival keeping the backdrop of the Sun Temple in mind'

Bhubaneswar, The New Indian Express, Dec. 7, 2001